Good God, Put The Beast To Sleep In The Minds Of Men Already

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Good God, Put The Beast To Sleep In The Minds Of Men Already

Howdy, folks, I have a question. Would someone respond to this question in constructive, rational sentences, and please stay focused on this single question and do not go off on a tangent. T'anks.

Okay, Mo was porking Aisha at nine, ten, eleven, twelve, etc. years of age, (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 234) Mo was a warlord who also professed to be a prophet of the Creator, which implies Mo had a special, intimate relationship with the Creator, so much so that revelations or messages repeatedly came to Mo through Gabriel from the Creator.

But the Creator intentionally, deliberately for Its own good reasons designed all children to be non-sexual. Both in a physical and psychological manner children have been designed by the Creator to behave with one another non-sexually.

All prophets are not saints; this is true. But why is there not one revelation from the Creator to Mo to "knock it off" with Aisha? Surely the Creator must have been perturbed or concerned watching Mo perform with Aisha on a regular basis. And what a perfect time for the Creator to spell out and for all future people to read from eloquent verse the dignity and the innocence of children in contrast to the lustful behaviors of certain individuals. Why was the Creator silent watching Mo behave with Aisha sexually?

Why are there no revelations from the Creator informing the Mo of Islam of the intentions and designs of children It has wrought? There are only two avenues of thought which bring answer to the question.

One is obviously that the Creator is no type of Big Brother protecting a Little Sister if the Creator watched and winked and nodded with a smile towards Mo when he was repeatedly doinking Aisha. This avenue of thought is difficult for me to continue in a positive manner.

The second other avenue of thought is to conclude that the Creator never knew Mo in an intimate, prophetic manner. Silence from the Creator in respect to the relationship between Aisha and Mo is an eye-opener, and is all one needs to know about the validity of any claims from the book or sages of the religion of Islam.

There is no plausible third avenue of thought to consider. Anyone care to ponder the question and claim otherwise?

The Mo of Islam never had a prophetic relationship with the Creator. All claims from Mo about the will, intentions, and demeanor of the Creator are the fabrications and concoctions of human mind. The words detailing the will, intentions, and demeanor of the Creator written inside the Qur'an are not true.

Why was the Creator silent towards Mo when Mo was repeatedly engaging his mind with thoughts for sexual arousal while he was in the presence of Aisha?

Self-professed Muslims inclined for the want to know and understand the Creator would do well to ponder the question.

Constructive criticism is welcomed. All contrary views will be considered verbiage and claptrap from one humiliated.


  1. To realize after marrying Aisha at six, seven years of age Mo would then want to play with Aisha, like a pet, for the following years, until …? when the polite word, consummate is introduced and employed within conversation. Most of today’s Western senior folk are incapable of extended thought involving what the prophet of Islam Mo was engaging his mind towards Aisha from her sixth, seventh to twelfth year of age, and most young folk haven’t the wherewithal to soberly comprehend the gravity of the situation, now.

    What centuries of nations armies could not accomplish, with words alone the cut to the jugular severing the belief that the Creator and Mohamed were intimate in the minds of men can now be wrought.

    Barack Hussein Obama would never do anything to disrespect his father’s religion.

    President Donald Trump will accomplish what fourteen centuries of nations armies could not 🖖🏻

  2. Yes, let me break the camels back with another thought. The key point to focus upon is Mohamed's relationship with the Creator, and one should not be focused upon and distracted with thoughts of impropriety of the circumstances within the relationship of Aisha with Mohamed. Aisha was neither cutting her wrists nor swallowing razor blades, attempting suicide nor did Aisha shed endless tears and cry for help anytime during or after those episodes where Mohamed was arousing himself while in play with her. From the little I've read I surmise Aisha to be a fairly normal woman in mind and spirit during her later years. Aisha did not develop a state of mind with psychological stress nor was she traumatized during those months and years, hours of playful moments with Mohamed.

    Whether you're chest-thumping self-righteous or of timid faith, stay focused on the relationship of Mo and the Creator to discern and to realize the Islamist Mohamed never had an intimate, prophetic relationship with the Creator.

  3. For perspective, Aisha did not develop the demeanor of a Beth:


  4. The above link has gone out of service. Hopefully? the folks will keep this link active:


    Thank God! our Beth did not grow up in an Islamist nation, is the thought. The men of Islamist nations create governments where their god does "some" "thing" to be "understood" by their scholars and then to be prescribed to the masses, … all behavior of the nation and culture is legitimized from the words inside of a silly-ass book.

    Au contraire, very smart, educated Western people took her under their wing and in time made her realize as she grew to adulthood, away from her evil thoughts. #maga #aKissOnTheForeheads