Good God, Put The Beast To Sleep In The Minds Of Men Already

Friday, December 2, 2016

"I'll buy you a delicatessen …, in stainless steel!"

The James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only  

I watched most all the James Bond movies in theater when they first came out. And when this movie first hit theaters it brought howls from the parents of young girls: "They're sexualizing young girls." "Disgusting" "Smut"

I found the scene with Bibi Dahl to be reassuring, on the contrary. Later years when I would write scripts of my own to realize the scriptwriters did the most respectable of presentations of what is the ideal type of character of a man from the twentieth century. The cues from the scriptwriters, "What the devil is going on!?" paints quite a different picture of the mindset of Broccoli's crew than that expressed by the parents I mention above. James behavior towards Bibi is exemplary and a reflection of the mores, folkways, and scruples of Western European culture. 

James Bond, not stereotypical; the cultured Western man as the main character in a movie. How James is portrayed as he talks and behaves towards Bibi are characteristics of his personal constitution. M would have him killed were she to learn of him in relations with Dahl, but fear of M is not what's driving James to act the way he does towards her. For reasons of his own which would cause paragraphs to be written suffice it to be summed up and known that the personal constitution of James Bond reared from a cultured Western environment is what causes him to act the way he does with a flirting young woman. Refreshing it was to watch this display of a …? virtue? A Western man with a mission, or agenda if you will, in contrast to other cultural norms of men. James has direction, purpose, and meaning to life. And all this impromptu thought I'm writing now begins to appear silly, as if what I describe requires an airing in this day and age.

Imagine were any other male from another culture involved with a similar incident with a young woman and how the scene would unfold in the minds of the scriptwriters. Did someone in the audience say, Muslim? A challenge to engage the elements in a scene as this one did and somehow cause the Muslim male to appear ideal in some way, shape or form

My compliments to Broccoli and that crew of scriptwriters who thought to portray that side of James Bond. Whether James is atheist or not, that portrayal of him out from the minds of the scriptwriters was a product of a Judeo-Christian culture. 

Perhaps someday I'll take the time to expound upon that scene further. The mechanics of what makes the better script writing, 'ya know?

"The West is the best. Get here and we'll do the rest." – Jim Morrison and The Doors

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