Friday, September 6, 2019

No One Talked To Michael Jackson About Hallucinogens?


Russell Willams

I mince no words and cut to the chase now: you want to realize those molecules trickling into the bloodstream of everyone at puberty are HALLUCINOGENIC. This is the key to understanding how the vast majority of a population through religious or cultural constraints gets a grip on and handles the hallucinogenic component of these molecules as they age and conform to socially acceptable thoughts and behaviors, and the others do not.

Why do legislatures of every State of the Union despise illicit drug use? especially drugs of an hallucinogenic quality? Because they make some people act "wacky."

Imagine a Jack and a Jill are in a high school classroom listening to the teacher talk about whatever but Jack and Jill want to turn and gaze out the window and think about Sally or Bob that they're going to meet next period in study hall. Emotions begin to fill their hearts and minds; they simply drift off for a moment into the fantasy of …? love. Puppy love emotions. But why aren't Jack and Jill paying attention to the classroom monologue from the teacher now? Were they to realize that this hallucinogenic moment of distraction hinders their understanding and flow of subjects that are being taught each day in a classroom and is a detriment towards better grades? Why drift off now thinking about anything else? How prudish i am to make a point ;)

Puberic molecules drive most people towards healthy thoughts and behaviors and mature sexual identities as adults. There may also be a genetic component within some who then toy with these hallucinogenic molecules and turn into the Ted Bundys, Jeffery Dahmers, John Wayne Gacy's, Chris Watts, and other prominent people such as Michael Jackson, Robin Williams, Allan Ladd, and Kurt Cobain with lesser tragedy to others. To simply realize the hallucinogenic component of those molecules, and then to realize how the minds of normal children become these types of adults with what I can imagine to some individuals are a daily torment, with haunting sexual thoughts that emerge in their minds as the months and the years go by.

What are hallucinogenic qualities? Well, …? I'm not referring to the vivid hallucinogenic qualities of psilocybin, mescaline, or LSD where one simply lies in bed or sits in a chair and to consciously in dream-like manner experiences themselves floating on the back of a bumblebee through a patch of daisies. These types of hallucinogens are strong, but the hallucinogens that will trickle into the bloodstream at puberty are mild hallucinogens, like tetrahydrocannabinol. To also realize these mild puberic molecules are specifically designed by the Creator for one purpose: to prod everyone for the want to think and act "sexual." The Creator wants a good percentage of animals on Earth to procreate. Duh?

Western universities and colleges are off on a tangent to explain why many of the deviant behaviors occur with terms such as depression, sociopathic, and "no one knows why," and thus allow a textbook to its students which would even suggest that the word hallucinogen explains the main component developing and driving one’s sexual identity as they age into adulthood. "There is no proof," they will say as if there is proof in the term sociopathic explaining why they did what they did instead of what they became after. I also imagine the academics, law, administrative, the judicial and LGBT crowd would snuff me and anyone in a heartbeat of time with mocking ridicule were the hallucinogenic component proposed in public discourse, and thus no practical solutions will emerge from this crowd and be forthcoming anytime in the near future which will begin to curtail these many aberrant behaviors in society. At the grass-root level then I suggest that the word hallucinogenic be considered within public consciousness and debate.

Young folk across the globe should realize the nature of these molecules, realizing these molecules are focused towards encouraging subtle sexual thoughts and behaviors. Cultural constraints temper thoughts and feelings from becoming a behavior. Keep toying in concerted thought with these molecules and one can eventually think to want to behave in any and all directions is the mantra.

Future young folk would be better prepared in life were they to realize this hallucinogenic (and mathematical) component.

My "proof" of the hallucinogenic component of those molecules trickling into the bloodstream of everyone at puberty is not within an academic paper, only my life experience is my own proof, and only to myself at this juncture in time.

What breaks the rational, logical, mathematical progression of entities within my Treatise on the Nature of Life? Hallucinogens.

Constructive criticism is welcomed.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

To The Parkland, Florida Young Folk

You came into this world by yourself. You are leaving that way, too. So take care of yourself first, and foremost.

I imagine returning to the days of my youth at John Jay High School in Hopewell Junction, New Yawk and to have one day experienced the moments of a day like you have now; terrifying moments as the events were unfolding. I probably wouldn't've had the disposition to actually think the thought at these moments but the want for a pistol to have magically appeared in my hand at these moments would've definitely been a godsend.

Every single young man and many young women in your school that day at those very moments the shots were being fired could only wish that their Guardian Angel had simply placed a functioning pistol in their hand and with a whisper, "You know what you have to do," and then without hesitation to find an opportunity to obtain proximity to aim and to shoot several projectiles which would immediately stop the behavior of Mr. Cruz.

READ: there is nothing wrong with you. There is no reason any Junior or Senior high school student cannot have a pistol in school. You've learned a martial art skill that cripples or kills but cannot own a firearm?

"Esteemed" legislators across America wrote those laws stating no guns in schools. Problem is there is nothing wrong with you having them first think and then to write such a law towards you. Every one of those legislators in every State of the Union responsible for writing and enacting those laws knows perfectly well that the mischievous will not obey this law at their moment of mischief and will do whatever is on their mind with a gun anywho's. They all know that these types of laws will have absolutely no practical, deterrent effect to halt catastrophe: none whatsoever. They also realize and are careless that many good and upstanding citizens will only be harassed by these types of feckless laws spit upon the land. Because of these laws you today will be suspended, expelled, and arrested to confinement from the school grounds simply for a self-serving want for self-protection by bringing a gun to school. Inherently the law implies or infers there is something "wrong" with every stereotypical, law-abiding citizen's want to protect themselves in this manner. Were you a fourteen-year-old martial artist with the skill to maim and to kill would you act irresponsibly with this skill simply because you now have the capacity to do so, too? Our legislators may be educated and thus deemed "smart" as they navigate through the complex legal systems they have established but they are not too swift in the practical social skills solutions department.

Police are necessary, butt …,

Just take care of yourself, first. Were I a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student today I know exactly what I would do after this last incident: I would purchase a personal protection firearm of my own. Then I would challenge those laws with no guns in school. Take steps to make Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School known as the first in the State that rescinded those garbage can, worthless laws enacted by very "smart" people with less than honorable skills in the social skills department. Perhaps I'd also find a way enabling myself and other students of my caliber to learn to "quietly" carry concealed while on school grounds. This only (I know I'm young but …!) a band-aid upon my mind after what happened, for the trauma of the events, and the salve of confidence I'll need for the next several months to feel good about myself and the world around me. I would feel a want to …? I must do …? something.

Perhaps those legislators who enacted the No Guns In School law do not cause you to feel inferior and helpless in the way I describe? And so I imagine you at seventeen, eighteen years of age looking into the mirror and truthfully saying to yourself you might actually be irresponsible? if you at any time had possession of a gun while on the school grounds each hour of every day for the final two years of attendance? If so please pardon my crassness. This is not your cup of tea, and I should not be in your space.

Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, my take? take the time and do your homework to find a pistol you like, perhaps on the internet. Talk to a gun store operator, and then purchase a weapon. Spend some quiet moments alone in your bedroom with that gun lying on your bed. Quiet time, alone, just you perhaps for a spell to finger the metal and the machine's components. Why someone thought to put those pieces specifically the way they are, where they are, in the first place …, eventually to contemplate upon what you are now getting yourself involved with. You are taking a path where you will grow up a bit faster. Your childhood days are over anyway, correct? 

A kiss on your forehead. So it does go.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Take The Shepherds Up The Mountain

Avalon Hill
Avalon Hill table top board game, D-Day

Because of my days of playing Avalon Hill war games with my brothers, along with the Saturday and Sunday afternoon television movies depicting the Roman governments subjugating others, along with various other sources of information during my early years, inevitable I suppose that I was to develop a respect for the soldier; the soldier of any nation or community who fought in battle. Nothing personal, they're just words in a book to me. Corollary incidentals of who or what and when things happened to someone else and? …, that was then and this is now.

So as I am watching the movie, Lone Survivor that voice, you know? the one with the #sayDuh inflection and oh so cavalier, flippantly I listen to me say to myself, Take the shepherds up the mountain with you.

From the movie, Lone Survivor

Anyone listening? Only me, … huh? God!